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These are permanent projects of Sociedade Chauá, maintained by its own resources and donations, in addition to the voluntary work of partners, technicians and employees.


Start year: 2004

Executing Team: Sociedade Chauá

Designed to contribute to the conservation of the Araucaria Forest and popularize native species, our nursery focuses on rare and endangered ornamental native species, with room for wide diversity, including species that are little or not cultivated in conventional nurseries.

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Start year: 2010

Executing Team: Sociedade Chauá

FLORAPARANÁ is a permanent project, created and conducted by Sociedade Chauá, as a result of the technical experience acquired during countless floristic and phytosociological surveys throughout Paraná, carried out by its team members. In addition to the various thematic lists of species, the aim of the catalog is also to provide technical sheets and images of each plant on the list.

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