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1. Formulate, coordinate and execute projects and programs that cover the theme of environmental conservation and sustainable development.

2. Develop, support and/or subsidize scientific research focused on environmental conservation and sustainable development.

3. Develop and encourage alternative models of use of natural resources and production and marketing of goods and products.

4. Encourage and promote the creation, implementation and management of environmental conservation units.

5. Develop environmental education actions, either autonomously or complementary to the State.

6. Promote the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge and aspects related to environmental issues through publications, exhibitions, campaigns, courses and lectures, among others.

7. Promote, encourage and publicize activities of harmonious integration with the environment.

8. Cooperate in the formulation of public policies.

9. Prioritize integration with other governmental or non-governmental entities, avoiding competition or overlapping of activities and programs.

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