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Sociedade Chauá had its informal beginning in 1998, with the creation of the "Grupo Chauá", formed by academics of Forestry Engineering moved by environmentalist ideals and the spirit of adventure.


The name was chosen in honor of the red-faced parrot or parrot-chauá ( Amazona brasiliensis ), a bird symbol of Lagamar Paranaense and threatened with extinction mainly by the criminal action of animal traffickers.


Also in 1998, the group carried out the "Projeto Chauá - Relatando as Belezas do Lagamar Paranaense" aiming to promote the practice of adventure sports, its mandatory relationship with environmental conservation and also its great potential as facilitators of balanced integration with traditional cultures. The dissemination of results and environmental awareness activities related to this project continued for the next two years.

In 2002 the group started the project "Expedição Guayrá - Rio Paraná, Sighs of Beauty of a Survivor", which was also publicized through exhibitions, lectures and broadcast in various media.


At the end of 2003, a year marked by the maturing of the group's ideas and objectives, Sociedade Chauá was finally formally founded.


Since its creation, our institution has been enriching its team with the inclusion of new members. It currently constitutes a heterogeneous group with different professional and life experiences. This increase in the number of partners allowed the expansion of the area of activity and also the increase in the productivity of Sociedade Chauá, which has projects in different areas of environmental conservation.

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