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Ornamental Native Species of Paraná

Below is a table made through several surveys of projects by Sociedade Chauá and its technicians. Only species that have potential for landscaping use registered in the Mixed Ombrophilous Forest (FOM) were selected .

TABLE AND PHOTOS IN PREPARATION (Table data is constantly being expanded and readjusted) - Use the search to find a species. The list contains outdated scientific names. 



Caption for "Porte": ab - bush; at - tree; av - tree; he - herbaceous; hep - epiphytic herb; li - liana (vine).  Caption for "Region": FE - Paraná River Dry Forest; FM - Forest with Araucaria; FD - Atlantic Forest; RE - Restinga; CE - Cerrado; VA - Lowland; CA - Natural Field.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to use any information provided here, refer as follows:


BLUM, CT  Preliminary List of Ornamental Plant Species Native to Paraná - 2008 version. FLORAPARANÁ,   Chauá Society. Available at <>.

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