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Native Species of the Mixed Ombrophilous Forest


Below is a table made through several surveys of projects by Sociedade Chauá and its technicians. Only species recorded in the Mixed Ombrophilous Forest (FOM) were selected.  

TABLE AND PHOTOS IN PREPARATION (Table data is constantly being expanded and readjusted) - Use the search to find a species. The list contains outdated scientific names. 

Caption for "Porte": ab - bush; at - tree; av - tree; he - herbaceous; hep - epiphytic herb; li - liana (vine).  Caption for ECOSYSTEM  -  FOM - Forest with Araucaria. -  Frugivory (Frug.)  F – represents species whose fruits are consumed by frugivorous animals.  Environment (Amb.), flo – forest, ini – vegetation in the initial stage of succession, umi – wetlands; cam – natural grasslands, fgl – gallery forest in natural grasslands, afl – rock outcrops;  THREAT STATUS:  CR – critically endangered; EM – in danger; AM – threatened; VU – vulnerable; RB – low risk; RR – rare (threatened); DD – deficient data; RRp1 – considered rare in the present study, with priority 1; RRp2 – considered rare in the present study, with priority 2) (SOURCE at 1 SEMA, 1995; 2 MMA, 2008; 3 IUCN, 2014). Suce - Successional Category - Seci - Early Secondary, Ini - Early, Sect - Late Secondary,  Clim - Climactic. Geographic coordinates in SAD 69.



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