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Chauá Projects Looking for Financing

Rare Forest Project

Project detail available on the VBIO platform

Focus species:  Ocotea odorifera (cinnamon sassafras) , Cedrela fissilis (cedar) , Inga lentiscifolia (ingá) , Ocotea porosa (imbuia) , Colletia paradoxa (cruise) , Quillaja brasiliensis  (soap dish),  prismatic curitiba  (caviuna) among others.


Several programs and projects have been developed to conserve and restore this region, but forest restoration planting rarely includes endangered species and wide diversity, due to the difficulty of obtaining seeds and seedlings. In nurseries in the Araucaria Forest region, considering Paraná and Santa Catarina, only 16% of the native species are rare or threatened, and in restoration plantations, in general, only three threatened species are found (Shaw, 2019).


To deal with this problem, Sociedade Chauá produces seedlings of native species from the Araucaria Forest region, with more than 200 varieties of species, 46 of which are rare or threatened, seeking to increase genetic variability and disseminate information from research already carried out on the production of these species.


This project will enhance the institution's actions, allocating seedlings to rural landowners' projects that involve recovery or enrichment of forest remnants in various areas of the Araucaria Forest region.

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