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Chauá Projects Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, also known as crowdfunding, consists of obtaining capital for a project through the aggregation of multiple sources of funding, usually individuals interested in the initiative.

Sociedade Chauá has already executed a project in this format in partnership with writer Deco Sampaio (a member of the institution as well) and has just launched a new campaign. See the campaigns below, help spread the word, support!

Project: Bosque dos Filhos  Start year: 2021  End year: 2021 (in progress)
Funding platform:
Summary: Want to earn rewards like a tree planted in honor of someone you love, lodging in a charming rural shack, books, e-books, exclusive t-shirts and mugs and still leave a legacy? Then this project will interest you. A campaign to plant a forest composed exclusively of endangered species. A gift for future generations. Let's give a gift to the next generations, that is, yours and our children and grandchildren. A place for your child, your loved one, to visit in the future, with a plant honoring you there.

Project: An Order for a New World
Start year: 2020
End year: 2021 (finished)
Funders: 131 people
Funding platform:

We were part of the crowdfunding campaign “An Order for a New World”. The purpose was to publish a science fiction book with reflections on nature conservation and to plant endangered species.
Those who supported the campaign helped our institution and even won rewards: planting, book, t-shirts, cds. There were 131 supporters. It was a success!
We will be monitoring the planting for the next few years and informing all supporters of the results. We guarantee the survival of the seedlings by doing maintenance and replanting.

Purchase the book:
Wanted to participate, but couldn't? 
It is still possible to purchase the book and part of the sales will go to our projects.


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